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When your car keys are locked in your trunk, there may be no hope. But that is not true. Once you can tell Locksmith Legends that you need help, a technician will open your trunk before you know it.

Our company prides itself on our quick arrival. If you are looking for a car lockout service near you, the stability of our technicians is not too far away. We also have an open line of communication between Locksmiths and our customers.

The technicians will contact you to let you know the estimated time of their arrival. No one is kept in the dark, so you don’t have to worry. In the blink of an eye, Locksmith will be there. They can then begin to evaluate what is happening to your car. From there they will determine the remedy, and inform you of the cost.

Once you agree, servicing may begin. The service will be delivered at the same rate of efficiency as at the time of our arrival. We understand that you cannot wait forever in such an emergency. Experienced, professional, answer to the time crunch dilemma. This not only allows them to work faster but also works better.

Most companies will ask if you want to work fast, or if you want to get it done right. We want to think that these are not mutually exclusive. With training and first-hand experience behind the action, a task done correctly can be done quickly. That’s why when you call Locksmith Legends, we send you a high-quality lock maker with the talent and knowledge of how to do it right. Your car will not be unnecessarily damaged.

Detailed care will be taken to ensure that your property is not damaged. “Hard work” may sound like a word that indicates a leisurely pace, but we can be sure that it is not. Locksmith Legends gives you what you need, fast and worry-free. Regardless of the brand of the car, the year of its manufacture, or the aftermarket accessories, it contains, we will be able to quickly unlock the locksmith’s trunk.

Trunk lock

The car changes over time. In fact, the strategy that works for a particular car-manufacturing brand will only work for so long. As the years go by, car safety changes, even within a company. For that reason, there are no hard and fast rules for opening the locked trunks. It all depends on the manufacturer, model, and year of the car. From there, difficulties can arise from non-standard changes in the vehicle.

All of this will make the task less straightforward, but a locksmith likes it. Each trunk lock can be different from what a locksmith sees. Sometimes the trunk locks are very similar to the car door locks. Often they can be opened with the same key. In almost all cases, the transponder chip will not be needed for the key needed to open the car’s external lock, even if it is in the ignition cylinder.

Some vehicles may have an internal trunk release button in addition to the keyway. Other trunks may have no keyholes and require a smart key, fob, etc. Other times you will see that your trunk will not open because the trunk lock is broken or stuck. Whatever it takes to open your car, a locksmith can deliver.

How trunk lockout happens

Mistakes like locking your car key in the trunk of a car can happen for many reasons. The most common occurrence is that it was an accident. Very few people mean to keep their keys stuck in the trunk. There are instances where someone does it as a prank or unpleasantly, but they are rare.I just kept my keys for a minute, and then I closed the trunk without thinking.

Yes, even if these are accidents, most of the time people voluntarily put their keys in the trunk. The same kind of stress that forces a person to keep their keys in the trunk of a car often causes the trunk to close prematurely due to the same stress. If you want to prevent this kind of thing from happening or happening again, you just need to think calmly.

The best advice is not to rush when you are in a hurry. Take a few extra seconds and save yourself the hassle of lockout. A similar rule to follow is to never put your keys inside your car. Keep the key to your person as often as possible.

If you do not lock your key in the trunk, the trunk lock is probably broken. A broken car trunk lock can also cause a lockout. In certain cases, a broken trunk lock can make it more difficult to open the car when you lock your key in the trunk. But our locksmiths can also repair car trunk locks.

Danger of stagnation

A set of keys locked in the trunk of your car makes it worse with just one stall feature. There are different types of stagnation, but they are based on the same basic idea. Deadlock refers to a feature that disconnects your interior door locks from the actual locking process. This means that if you press the buttons, or pull on the post locks of your car, the door will not open.

Disconnection prevents any physical manipulation of locks other than the key from opening the car. This feature can be turned on whenever the keys are removed from the ignition, or it may cause some manipulation of the fob/key. Once the stalemate is fixed, the car becomes very difficult to open. But don’t be afraid, because our locksmiths have seen it before.

This situation will prevent your locksmith from using the simplest solutions to open the trunk, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to open it. Door locks and even trunk locks (if they exist) can be picked up. It requires some skill but it can be done by any locksmith who can pick up the car lock. Lock security may bring the device closer to unpackable, or there may not be enough time for such a procedure as it may take some time.

There are some cases where the license plate on the back of the car can be removed and a small hole can be drilled. It will not be used to grab the keys, but the emergency trunk release lever will be used. This is the most extreme situation and very rare. Rest assured that in unlikely cases your vehicle needs this approach, the hole will be covered by your license plate and will appear as if nothing had happened.

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